Simone Carvalli

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Innovation and authenticity is the trademark for Simone Carvalli collection.

Bringing you its newest Haute Couture collection, Simone Carvalli emphasis on sophisticated silhouette, exquisite Swarovski crystals beading design, luxurious silk fabrication and contemporary applications of classic style.

Today’s wedding dress are incorporating principles of architecture and romantic design. Precision is evident in garments crafted in revolutionary needlework and sewing technologies and refine fabrications that envelop and mold the figure.

Simone Carvalli represents creativity and finest quality with beautiful executed design, which shows true value.

We dress for how we feel or for the image we want to portray at a given time. Looking beautiful and chic is important on your wedding day but, ultimately, wedding dress should be a gateway to personal expression. Discover what innovation and authenticity mean to you, make Simone Carvalli your dream wedding dress.