Disney Forever Enchanted Prom Dresses

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Disney Forever Enchanted Prom Dresses - Ashdon, Inc. introduces to you our debut Disney Forever Enchanted 2013 prom line. We have over 75 style options, offering a stunning array of possibilities for prom goers in search of their dream prom dress. Ashdon, Inc., which includes the Disney Forever Enchanted line, is proud to present prom dresses with fresh, upbeat, and show-stopping looks. Disney prom is the most unique of its kind, so don’t miss a beat – find your Disney Forever Enchanted prom dress now!

Inspired by the very first Disney princess, Snow White, we have created 7 different collections within Disney Forever Enchanted, each covering a different style in line with the latest fashion trends! Our prom gown silhouettes range from form-fitting and classy to extravagant and theatrical, and we have incorporated an endless array of materials into our dresses – chiffon, satin, tulle, prints, beading, crystals, and exquisite embroidery. Experience your magical day with an exclusive prom dress from Disney Forever Enchanted!

DISNEY Forever Enchanted Collections

  • The Fairest: prom dresses for the fairest of them all – sweet & demure
  • Mirror Mirror: prom dresses reflecting beauty & vanity
  • In the Woods: prom dresses with florals & prints
  • Red Delicious: prom dresses based on Snow White’s demise & the forbidden red apple
  • Short & Sassy: prom dresses for the adventurous ones – fun & flirty
  • Simply Wicked: prom dresses inspired by the Queen – rebellious & charming
  • True Diva: prom dresses based on Snow White’s repose & her happily ever after ending